Airport Road Safety Improvements Fact Sheet



  • The project is being done to improve traffic flow and safety. The accident rate on Airport Road is roughly double the state average. A large number of accidents were attributed to turning traffic movements.
  • The project will channelize and concentrate left turning traffic in order to reduce accidents.
  • Improvements include construction of landscaped center medians with turn bays. The medians will be planted with drought tolerant vegetation (xeriscape design).
  • Airport Road was originally designed for lower density population and traffic – as the area has grown, and with the addition of 599 – a redesign was needed to accommodate for greater volumes of traffic.




  • The project began in late July 2011. In the next couple of weeks (mid-August) traffic may be affected by being shifted roughly five feet in one direction or the other.
  • During peak hours, two lanes in both directions will remain open. Though at times, various right lane closures will be set up 1000 feet at a time.
  • The area affected is approximately a two mile long project, from Country Club Rd to Lopez Lane.
  • The project is scheduled for 120 calendar days. The work will be accomplished Monday through Friday from 7:00 am – 3:30 pm; no night work is currently scheduled.



Contact Information:

Desirae Lujan, Project Engineer – 955-6654.
Email: [email protected]